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Be aware of Common Questions

  • Does the current COVID-19 situation affect immigration policies or processes?

    Ans: No. Immigration policies are not affected to date. This time more than ever is when you want to apply for your Immigration applications as once the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is over, expect a huge influx of applications and long delays! You surely don’t want to face those delays! Superior Consulting is here to serve you. We continue to offer Social Distancing Friendly in-person &  Online Consultations on our own customized # 1 Audio/Video Chat Software for a distortion-free talk!


  • What are the benefits of paid consultation?

    - Paid Consultation with Senior Immigration Consultant Mr. Adil Ismail (Authorized Agent of RCIC + More than 20 years of Experience)

    Since our Professional time and experience are the main core, we do charge for it. During a consultation, our Immigration professional will carefully review your profile and case, explain the whole process and come up with the best possible advice with the assistance of our legal counterpart, specific to your own situation and a budget-friendly strategy that may help you complete your immigration process hassle-free. This consultation fee is totally adjustable in our professional fee if we are retained within one month of consultation. All payments are non-refundable but adjustable. Mr. Ismail is the most recognized face in the immigration industry in Pakistan and as well the Middle East and has processed more than 16,000+ success applications. Experience Counts!


  • Do you provide a Work Permit or Job Placement Service?

Ans:  . We are purely dealing with skilled and business immigration support services

  • Do you deal in Asylum for any country?

Ans: The answer is simply NO.

  • Do you provide or give a 100% Visitor Visa?


Ans: Kindly be advised that we are a service provider company so therefore we do not provide or give, we only assist in preparing a meticulous application in order to enhance your chances of success. There is nothing 100% thing.

  • Do you guarantee for immigration Visa?

Ans: No. No lawyer or Consultant can make this type of guarantee, it's a legal offense. We have a very high rate of success with our applications. During the application process, the govt agency may request further information before they can approve the case. Failure to provide more information can result in your application being rejected. The key is to provide the pertinent information in an organized and familiar manner for the appropriate authority, which is something that a good lawyer or consultant would do for you. 

  • Why should I hire you as my Consultant?


Ans: There are many reasons. Here are a few.​

  1. Personalized-assistance: A dedicated Case Manager will handle your case and Senior Manager and Senior Consultant will be available for review and advice. 

  2. Availability/Accessibility: If you have any questions or concerns, you can call or email and we assure you that we will return your query as quickly as possible. Our clients love this feature and appreciate that their questions are answered promptly.

  3. Reasonable fees: Our legal fees are very reasonable compared to other consultancy firms. We believe that it is important for clients to feel they received value for their money. Value comes from getting results at a fair rate.

  4. Legal Parameters: We are accredited with legal lawyers and companies to provide you legal assistance and advice, where necessary. 

   5. Experience: We have the most Experienced Experts on Our Panel, having Combined Experience of More than 17+ Years, can provide you with workable & reliable advice.

  • What is your Success Rate?

Ans: Superior Consulting only accepts cases that we believe are likely to succeed.  We pre-screen our clients’ cases through various means, including website assessment forms, email questionnaires or email inquiries.  If we don’t think your case will win, we will let you know that.  We won’t waste your time and money making a pointless immigration application.

For those client cases that we do take on, we will do our best to ensure success.  No effort will be spared to take care of even the smallest details of your case to make sure that everything is done properly and proceeds expeditiously. While we can never guarantee the success of an application, overall we have an excellent success rate, and the vast majority of our clients obtain the result that they are seeking. We have 99% Success Rate but 100% Honesty. Explore our approved client's section for seeing is believing.  Serving Since 2004.

  • How do we know that you have a 99% success rate?

Ans: Seeing is believing. You can see our clients approvals and their pictures receiving immigration visas or grant letters over the Facebook page. Our website also shows some of our approved client's pictures on the bottom of the main page. Serving Since 2004.

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