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Australia Skilled Migration Program

  • The Skilled Migration Program is designed to attract highly skilled individuals to migrate to Australia.

  • It is the most common form of migration to Australia and is one of the core areas of expertise for Superior Consulting.

Procedural Steps to Apply for Australian Immigration

  • There are three steps to apply for Australian immigration:

    1. Skill Assessment

    2. Filling out SkillSelect (EOI) and/or submitting a State Nomination Application

    3. Migration Application after receiving a formal invitation from DIBP

Skilled Sub-classes

  • There are several skilled migration options available:

    1. Skilled Independent Subclass 189

      • A permanent visa option that doesn't require sponsorship by a relative or state/territory government.

    2. Skilled Nominated Subclass 190

      • A permanent visa that requires nomination by an Australian state or territory government.

    3. Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Provisional Subclass 491

      • Requires at least three years of living and working in the nominated state and sufficient funds to be declared at the time of the State Nomination Application.

      • A five-year visa that may allow you to apply for permanent residence through Subclass 191 – Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional).

Eligibility Requirements for Skilled Visas

  • To apply for one of the skilled visas, applicants need to satisfy the following threshold requirements:

    1. Be under 45 years of age at the time of applying for a visa.

    2. Meet the threshold English language requirement of competent English.

    3. Nominate and hold a skilled assessment for an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List at the time of lodging their application.

    4. Provide evidence of recent skilled employment in a skilled occupation or have recently completed the Australian Study requirement.

Processing Time for Migration Applications

  • The processing time for migration applications varies from 8 to 15 months.

Choose Superior Consulting

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  • We are available to assist with Australian immigration under skilled worker categories through telephone, email, or an online application

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